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XV. Danny

Danny Fishfingers could not believe his motherfucking luck.

He just turned eighteen years old and had been an orphan since he was about six wandering the streets ever since. Like many of his generation, he wandered from homeless shelter to youth center to abandoned building, going wherever the wind would take him.

But today was different.

Swinging by one of his favorite scavenging spots, he had found what usually was a permanently locked door, magically unlocked. The location was amazing.

From what he could tell, this was a game development studio that must have been locked by some poor bastard thinking they would be coming back to work the next day. However, their world had been one of the many that had ended.

Danny felt for those people for several seconds before he thanked all of the dark gods for delivering him such a prize. There were comfy seats, a clean carpet, and even a little kitchen with a supply of canned food. He had found his new home.

If any of his friends were still living, or not strung out so badly they couldn't be trusted, he would love to have shared it with them.

The office space that was now his private domain, covered several floors of the industrial looking warehouse building and he knew it would provide him with days of mysteries to solve.

It was funny to him that these places once had been all over the place, game studios that had employed hundreds of people and made games for the masses and not just the wealthy.

What a time to be alive.

The first day passed for Danny like a dream. He found a way to lock the door and slept the first night and most of the next day as soundly as he could ever remember.

By the second day he was getting a bit bored in his comfort and safety, and began to roam the halls and offices looking for anything interesting to distract him.

He was walking along a darkened hall when he saw a light coming out of one of the offices. That was pretty odd he told himself, considering the rest of the building seemed to be without power.

Carefully he pulled out his ‘lucky charm,’ a giant screw driver that had been filed down to make a metal spike about two feet long. Silent as a shadow Danny clung to the wall and slowly crept over to the office door. It sounded like a TV was playing. Danny pushed it open and peered inside… and found heaven?

The office was empty except for what looked like a perfectly clean leather sofa along, a functioning big screen TV and a small humming refrigerator!

Getting on his knees Danny hugged the fridge and once again thanked the gods.

“Thank you, thank you!” Danny moaned and kissed the inanimate object with fucking conviction behind his lips. He was just about to open the fridge when he heard footsteps behind him.

He slowly turned and raised his spike ready to strike at whatever was behind him and found a fat white chinchilla?

“What the fuck?!” He screamed at the fat short eared rat-beast. “You scared the shit out of me!”

He chuckled to himself for being so scared of what turned out to just be a chunky rodent. Then, from behind him a calm voice said, “You didn't scare us.”

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