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Sugarpig Productions 

Name's Joe. I am a Georgia boy and one half of the writing team over at Sugarpig Productions.


Joseph Eleam | Co-Founder


My name is Tim Canada, and I live just outside of Atlanta, GA with my wife, 2 kids, dog and 2 cats. I am half of the Sugarpig Productions team, and thrilled to be developing creative writing projects on the Cardano blockchain.

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Tim Canada | Co-Founder


The Wizard Tim Cast & Crew

Tim Canada | Narrator, Julie


Chill dude.  Likes mustaches.


Adam Gardner | Tim


Great dude.  Plays music.

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Eric Reid | Sir Eric, Sir Pog


Dope chick.  Does good voices.

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Mina | Aurora


Awesome dude, loves acting and singing.

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Ciaran Drysder | Ayers Gravelrock


I'm Sinéad ("shin-aid"), a fresh face in the voice acting scene looking to make a hobby a career. (aren't we all) I'm a huge fan of all things fantasy, be it Lord of the Rings, anime, or playing (and running) games of Dungeons and Dragons, you can bet I'm all over it! I'm not particularly good at video games, but I certainly have fun trying!

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Sinéad | Eliza Slagbottom


Jon has been working with microphones for all his adult life. If its radio, voice acting, educational content or podcasting he's your (neutrally british accented) man. Email or DM for enquiries.

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Jon Combey | Tink

Jon Headshot.png

Erin Nicole Lundquist has a television and theatre background and has been voice acting for 5 years, having done commercials, audiobooks, & audio dramas. You may recognize her from the Audio Verse Award nominated Splintered Caravan, Legends of Middle Earth, The Pursuit of Orlinia, and Rooster Teeth’s Tuesday Night Game Fight.  In regards to her latest role as the barbarian Leslie in The Wizard Tim, Erin hopes you enjoy joining Leslie on her quest as much as she has enjoyed playing her.

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Erin Nicole Lundquist | Leslie,
Kobolds, Necro Jane

Actor. Singer. Bard. I play, therefore I am.

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Dustin Vuong Nguyen | Shafty, Copper Jake


Great dude.  Plays music.

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Eric Reid | Music Compsition

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