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The Importance of Community

This week, with Thanksgiving around the corner, we want to shine a light on the next steps in our development, and outline out what our hopes are for the future of this community and The Wizard Tim.

The Cardano Community

We are incredibly proud to have laid the foundations of our community, here, on the Cardano blockchain. Having lurked around here for years now, I’ve come to fall in love with the stubborn, almost cult-like, commitment that the followers of Cardano have for their chain, and each other.

This commitment isn’t unfounded either, the founders and builders on Cardano are constantly showing they have a capacity to think on their own, not follow the crowd, and build things that are not only new and exciting, but also built to last.

This is the EXACT same way we want to approach the ongoing development of The Wizard Tim franchise, and in doing so, we hope to create something worthy of the same ‘stubborn, almost cult-like, commitment’ from this community.

It Started with Pie

This 24th of November, Thanksgiving Day, the policy ID of the original Pie Slice NFTs officially locks.

It should be noted, that when we set out to create the Pie Slice NFT collection, our mission was all about identifying our earliest supporters. Those who had been following us from the first Twitter spaces or were reading along with our lore in the Pendulum or Disco Solaris communities. We wanted to know who was there in the community ready to support us as storytellers.

The decision to set the policy to lock on Thanksgiving Day, was partly about the symbolism of thanks to these very first supporters of ours, and partly about the fact that Thanksgiving is an excuse to stuff one’s face with as much pie as one can stomach. The people that minted these very first 36 NFT Pie Slices cemented themselves as the foundation of our community, and for that we are forever thankful.

To further show our thanks, we will be airdropping a new short story to our Pie Slice holders titled “Many Hands, One Pig.”

Also, we have spent the final week with an open policy updating the Pie Slice NFTs to now include a certificate. Given the nature of our project, its only fitting that we include our core community into a narrative…

Everyone who holds a Pie Slice has now been officially inducted into the Holy Council of Pie.

Throughout our stories, we will continue to reveal more information about this mysterious, and yet incredibly powerful, shadow organization that exists in Bursaria (the world of Tim).

More on this later…

But Now We’ve Grown…

While these first supporters of ours are incredibly important, the fact remains that many people didn’t know who we were when we announced the pie slice NFT opportunity. In fact, the collection was only 36 pieces, and it took almost a week to sell out.

However, now that our community of holders has grown from 30, to over 700, we want to give people another opportunity to cement themselves as early supporters of The Wizard Tim franchise. So, in cooperation with the Pie Council, we have decided to form the Pie Congress.

The Pie Congress (A.K.A. The Alpha…)

In addition to the 36 special Pie Council edition copies of “Many Hands, One Pig” that will be airdropped to members of the Holy Council of Pie. This Thursday, we will also be minting an additional 314 copies of this short story, that will include a special invitation to sit on the Pie Congress.

A seat on the Pie Congress will hold a few benefits, like:

- Eligible for future Wizard Tim community airdrops

- Guaranteed whitelists and discounts on all future Wizard Tim book and NFT mints

- Special Role in community Discord with Pie Congress only channels

We will be airdropping this story, and the associated seats on the Pie Congress, to anyone holding 10 or more copies of The Wizard Tim.

The rest of the copies will be available for purchase for a price of 36 ADA (In honor of the original 36 Pie Slices) for a limited time of two weeks, or until they sell out, whichever comes first. If they don't sell out in the two week period, the remaining NFTs will be spread amongst the members of the Pie Council for them to do as they wish.

To mint this copy of “Many Hands, One Pig,” you will need to hold a copy of The Wizard Tim.

And After That?

For the rest of the year, and moving into 2023, we are going to be focusing on a few initiatives in parallel.

  1. We are going to keep writing content for The Wizard Tim. Our goal is to create a full collection of short stories that make the lore of Bursaria even richer, while also providing more laughs for our readers. So, expect more short stories, more progress on book 2, and maybe some other stuff too…

  2. We are going to be working with Paul Jenkins to make Book 1 even better. Now that we have the privilege of working with such a prolific writer, one of our goals is to do a hard review and edit in cooperation with Paul to make the next edition of Book 1 that we release more polished, as well as possibly improving or rerecording some of the audiobook. Our goal is to make The Wizard Tim a household name, so while were building our initial foundations here on Cardano, we will need to branch out to more traditional platforms to find more readers. This is going to be an effort of ours in 2023.

  3. Were going to be doing more writing for other Cardano NFT projects. Were currently lore writers for Pendulum NFT and Borg Club, and we have a lot more to do for the lore in those communities. We also want to further expand the Tales of 2372 in the Disco Solaris universe. Were even talking to a couple other possible projects as well, so basically, more writing. :)

  4. Lastly, were going to keep exploring NFT concepts and utility with our community here. Beyond just the stories, we fully intend to use Cardano as our launching pad for new content and new ideas, and we have some creative thoughts on how to do that. The pie council, and now the pie congress, will be set up to be the first beneficiaries of these efforts, but we ultimately want to do stuff for the broader community of general holders as well, and we will keep thinking about that moving into the new year.

What are we Thankful for?

We have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, like:

  • We sold out our book on, and now the first story about this fat, lazy wizard is sitting in the wallets of almost 750 people!

  • Pretty soon, the audiobook will airdrop (no I don’t know when yet…), and we have already started plotting our next steps as content creators building out this franchise.

  • We have officially announced that the incredibly talented Paul Jenkins is joining our team and is going to help us take our content to the next level professionally.

  • We still have a rock-solid core community of our earliest supporters holding slices of pie and now we are planning to grow it even more.

  • Not only are we already releasing our second Wizard Tim short story (first one was the limited Tale of Tink) but we already are working on several more, in addition to the full-fledged SECOND BOOK!

All in all, we love writing these stories, coming up with stupid jokes, and thinking of creative ways to punish this apathetic wizard. However, more than anything, we love that we get to write these stories for people who enjoy them just as much as us.

That means everything, and for that, we are thankful.



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